KCB Information Services

KCB Information Services has just made your job easier! 

Our ONE PLATFORM system  makes training simple with ONE web page format for all your credit reports.

How many different venders are you paying?                                How many different systems do you need to know?
How many different log ins do you need?                                      Do you know what “miscellaneous” charges are on your credit bureau bills?
Who do you talk to if there are problems or questions?                  Are you paying monthly fees, before pulling your first credit report?
Have you received training on reading & pulling credit reports?    Have you received training so you can understand credit scores?

With our ONE PLATFORM system, users are assigned only those products and reports for which they are authorized.

Now you can compare the products and services from KCB to your present system:

Product                                                        MCL Mortgage/ServicePlus        Your present credit bureau or software

All our systems allow you to enter the correct Purpose Codes       Yes
Mortgage credit reports
  (loans sold on the secondary market)          Yes
Consumer credit reports -
1, 2 &/or 3 bureaus  (In house
mortgages,  HELOCs, auto, personal, RV, credit card, etc.)                 Yes
Account Review & Refresh credit reports                                        Yes
    (credit reports on current customers)
New Deposit
customer verifications (credit report, Soc. Sec. search)   Yes
Employment Credit Reports                                                              Yes
Experian Business Credit Profile                                                       Yes
Flood Determination & Life Loan                                                     Yes
Income Tax verifications 4506-T                                                        Yes
(Identify possible reporting problems and
    how much they can increase their credit scores)                                Yes
Dispute Incorrect Credit Reports                                                      Yes
ID Verifications
(Experian Authentication Services)                           Yes
Add a Spouse (
to an individual file)                                                     Yes
Add a Bureau 
(to a 1 or 2 bureau  report)                                           Yes
Un-merge a Joint File                                                                          Yes
Training by Certified FICO Pro                                                        Yes
Real People for you and your customers to talk to                           Yes

All ServicePlus Consumer and MCL Mortgage credit report formats include, at no extra charge:
    Profile Summary                         Derogatory Summary                Adverse Action Notice    Risk Based Notice
    Experian OFAC Search             Adverse Summary Report          Sources of Information    Score Notice
    Consumer Copy of the C/R        Options for 1, 2 or 3 bureaus     Pre-Qualifing Analysis    Form 1003        
    Expanded Permissible Purpose Code list                                      Creditor’s addresses and phone numbers    

Other Optional Reports available are:  
AVMs,  Fraud Searches,   ID Verifications,   Authentication Solutions,  Un-Merged report with new file number, and CreditXpert .

Disputes:    Any reports pulled through KCB that contains incorrect information can be disputed by us.

You can send the file to us to dispute.      Or:  You can send the consumer to us.  

Communications:  You, your employees and your customers have a real person to talk to if there is a question on the credit reports.

Training:    Our, Certified FICO Pro, employees can instruct your employees on how to correctly pull, read and understand credit reports and credit scores.  Your employees will then be able to explain the reports and scores to your customers.

Please call us for more information,  888-852-2574