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Log in here if you have received your password for on-line internet mortgage reports 

Our ServicePlus and Mortgage reports include the Credit Score notice and/or the a Risked Based Notice,
Denial Letter (Adverse Action Notice), Profile and Derogatory Summary, Experian OFAC Search,
List of Creditors, the Consumer Copy of the credit report and a pre-populated form 1003 at no additional charge.

                   MERGED REPORTS
Merges reports are just that.  You can pull an Experian, TU and/or an Equifax credit report and

combine (Merge) the information into one credit report. No information is verified in a merged report.
KCB Information Services now offers MortgageCreditLink, the state of the art, online web site for Merged and RMCRs!!

You can now order and receive your Consumer credit reports (ServicePlus) or Merged Mortgage and RMCRs over the internet.

First you need  MS Internet Explorer 6.0 for MS Windows or Google Chrome if you use a Macintosh.

Second, you must have your user name and password.  If you are not already a  member, you need to sign a Service
Agreement and a request of online authorization.

When you order a report, you will get a merged report within 30 to 40 seconds. You can print it out and review it.

About the only services we won't offer are Voice Mail, a Menu phone system or an answering machine.
    When you call us you will get someone to help you!!

Fees for our Online Mortgage Reports for Dues Paying Members:

Individual Ind. with Credit Scores Joint Joint with Credit Scores
Single Bureau Experian $  2.90
$  3.60 $  5.80 $  7.20
Two Bureau Exp/TU Merged 
$  6.15 $  7.50 $12.30 $15.10
Three Bureau Merged $12.15 $14.25 $19.00 $23.20
Other Mortgage products:

Flood Determination:
$ 7.00
Flood Life of Loan:

$10.00 per person per bureau
What if Simulation:
$  6.00 per person per bureau

4506-T  Income Tax Verification:
$15.00 for 1 year
$20.00 for 2 years
$25.00 for 3 years

Rapid Rescore:
$55.00 per tradeline per bureau, per person
$10.00  Employment verification or  Tradeline verification
$25.00  AVMs
$100.00  Property Reports
$ 2.00  Comparison Reports
Refresh Reports
(soft inquiry)
$  1.00  Authentication Services
             (Level One)
$  2.50  Fraud Shield and
     I. D. Risk Review
$65.00  Fast & Legal Vesting

If you wish to upgrade to a RMCR, the fee is $28.00 (in addition to the merged fee.)


We offer Life of Loan Flood Determination instantly on-line!

There is no need to fax and wait. Now you can get your certificate instantly.

If you sell your mortgage loan, you can go to our web site and transfer the certificate to the new owner of the mortgage.
There is no extra fee for transferring the certificate.

If you are not set up to get your Life of Loan determination from us,  CALL US TODAY.  888-852-2574.

  Discription of Merged and Mortgage products

FAAM - Facta Act Automatic Mailing & Risk Based Lending Notice $ 3.00.  No need to worry if your Loan processors have complied.  We will mail the Score Notices and the Risk Based Lending notices for you each day.

Red Flag:      Experian Fraud Shield and ID Risk Review  and  TransUnion Hawk/Fraud Search. 
    IDV -    Identification Verifications:  Experian Soc. Sec. Search and Level One Authentication Services.

Credit Assure:  This service tells you the potential score increase.

Credit Radar:  This service tells you what the score will be in 30 days if nothing changes or what it will go down if new accounts are opened or charges added.

Credit Expert:  Detailed report on what is good and bad and why for each trade line.  It also tells the consumer what needs to be done to raise the score.  (This does not make you a credit counselor.  You are telling them what needs to be done, not how to do it.)

What if Statement:  The allow you  to examine each trade line and adjust it’s balance or status and see the resulting change in their score.

Refresh Credit Reports:  A new report, but it does not count against the consumers credit score.

Comparison Report:.   Compares, line by line, the current credit report to previous reports.

Unmerged Reports:   Allows you to remove one borrower and create a new file number.

Application Data Validation Report:  ID Investigation, Address History, bankrupties, Subject Property, FHA HPI estimated value, FEMA declared disasters, Perticipant validation, Employer ID, Summary of findings

ID Investigation Report:   Name, address, Phone, SSN, Death Master File, DOB, OFAC, FinCEN, Risk Score, Suspicious address

Participant Report: Ensure all partiipants are not on key excluded party lists - OFAC-SDN, GSA-EPLS, HUD-LDP

Participant Monitoring, (fee/name/month) Daily monitoring of staff and vendors agaist the exception lists and appraiser license status

MERS SSN Lien Report

Occupancy Address History Report  - List of current and prior addersses and phone numbers for an individual.

Person Report:  Detailed report on an individual -  SSN, DOB, DL Check, Name, AKA, Phone #s, address history, Property, Vehicles,
Bankrupties, liens, judgements, criminal records

SSA Form 89 Verification

4506-T Income Tax Verifications

R/E Property Tax Payment Verifications

MCL interfaces with most loan origination software  (LOS), including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Point, Bytepro and ARTA

Flood determination and life of loan are available from four different companies:  LPS ,  LERETA LLC, CBC or Wolters Kluwer. $18.00

Loans PQ, Xpress Accounts and LendingQB.  Complete in-house and/or online system for opening and processing new loans, checking and savings accounts and storing  the documentation.

Call us or e-mail us if you have any questions or need a service activated.