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Experian offers two Fraud services:

      FACS+  (Keyword: CHECK)
              FACS+ is a fraud detection service and is printed with the Demographics when you use the keyword "ID":

                FACS+ features:
                       Uncover potential fraudulent credit applications.
                        Identify inconsistencies between the credit application and the Credit Profile report.
                       Verify your customer's Social Security number as recorded with the Social Security Administration.
                       Detect known or high-risk fraudulent address information.
                       Verify business addresses.
                       Detect possible "shotgun" fraud.

               FACS+ is available on the Consumer Profile Credit Report, the Social Security Search, the Collection Report
               and the Employment Insight  Credit Report.

   FACS+    (pdf file)

   Fraud Shield    (Keyword:  SHIELD)

        Fraud Search has the same features as FACS+ plus many other searches for probable signs of fraud, including
        phone number inconsistent with address, age younger then Social Security issue date, SS # may belong to
        another consumer.

   FRAUD SHIELD    (pdf file)