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Types of Credit Reports (All are available over the internet):

     One Platform for all credit reports

    Consumer Profile Credit Reports                                   Collection Reports (for collection agencies and bill collectors)
    Tenant Screening                                                           Social Security Searches
    Residential Mortgage Credit Reports (RMCR)              Employment Insight Reports   (Employment Credit Reports)

    Business Credit Reports                                                 UCC Searches      Business credit scores  
    Account Review Credit  Reports (report does not count as a hit against the credit score)  (Full report and score only)

    Merged and MCL Mortgage Credit Reports (2 or 3 bureaus)
    Merged  Consumer Credit reports  (2 or 3 bureaus)

    MetroNet (Electronic Directory Ass’t, Skip tracing, Name & Address searches)
    Authentication Services (Verify ID of new accounts)
    Precise ID  (Verify ID of new accounts)
    Skip Tracing Products 

Mortgage Services:
    Flood Zone Determination, and Life of Loan                  Legal and Vesting and Property Reports  
    Automated Valuation Models (AVMs )                          Appraisals (drive by and full)  
    Real Estate Tax payments verifications   
    Comparison Report                                                         Trade Lines and Employment Verifications 
    Income Tax Verifications                                                Credit Assure           Credit Radar  (overview) 
    Real Estate Tax Payment Verifications  
    Credit Radar  (sample)                                                     Guarenteed AVMs   More on Guarenteed AVM
    Equiguard  (Replaces title search process for Home Equity Loans)  
    CreditXpert (helps consumers raise and understand credit scores)  
    Credit Analyzer
    Refresh Mortgage Reports (report does not count as a hit against the credit score)  
Other Credit Related Services:
    Criminal Background Checks (County, State and National searches)
    MVR Driver License History 
    Finger Print Criminal Searches with the Ill. State Police and the FBI
    Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and ARTA access
    MCL-Merged Mortgage & MLC Consumer Report extras at no extra fee:
        Credit Score Notice                                                 Prepopulated Form 1003
        OFAC Terrorist Search                                           Consumer Copy of MCL Mortgage Report
        Consumer copy of Credit Report                            Adverse Action Notice (with credit scores)
        List of Creditors                                                      Adverse Summary Report
        Risk Based Notice-mortgage                                  Risk Based Noticed-non-mortgage
Credit Report Enhancements:
         Decision Based Lending Credit Reports (Automated Approvals or Declines)
         Profile Summary    (17 Trade Statistics)
         Credit Scoring Models:      National Risk Model         Fair Isaac Models
                                                    Bankruptcy Model            VantageScore
         Fraud Shield (Fraud Detection)     High Risk Fraud Alert
         Direct Check (Lists Subscribers’ Add. & Ph. #)
         Demographics:(Ph #, Home owner, GEO Code, Full DOB)   
         Bullseye      (Review your Trade Lines)
         Instant Update   (Change or report your past due accounts on-line)
Training and Seminars (We offer credit report, credit score and ID Theft Prevention training sessions in your office or ours.)

Marketing  Products    iScreen    Prescreen list (FCRA compliant)        Marketing lists  (non-FCRA)
                                    Account Monitoring                                           Quest   
                                    Experian Detect   


Glossary (Experian codes)

Patriot Act Summary 

Member Documents

Consumer, Merged and RMCRs formats can be customized to your preferences.  Please call us:  800-782-9094.