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  A.  Summary of Rights                                            

  B.   Notice to Furnishers of Information

  C.   Notice to Users                                                                         

  D.  R/E Tax Verification Agreement   

  E.   R/E Tax Verification Addendum

  F.   Experian Data Release Agreement                       F1.    Equ. Data Furnisher Application
  G.   Experian Data Release Questionnaire                  G1.    Equ. Data Furnisher Agreement                                      
  H.   LPS Flood Agreement                        
  I.   Branch Add Agreement

  J.  Experian User Access Sec. Agrmnts

  K.   MetroNet Agreement 

  L.   MetroNet End User

 M.   MetroNet Internet Addendum

Risked Based Notice FICO v2                                    Loan  Verification (non mortgage)     

Risked Based Notice, No Score Ordered                    Loan Verification  (mortgage)    
Risked Based Notice FICO v3                                    Rapid Rescore Authorization    

Risked Based & No Score returned                          

Adverse Action Notice.w/score.1                               Adverse Action Notice.w/o score.1

Adverse Action Notice.w/score.2                               Adverse Action Notice.w/o.score.2

Updated 12-30-13