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We have several products to help you locate past due accounts.  This section describes and has examples of our skip tracing products.  The prices are for Dues Paying Members.

Social Security Searches can provide current and previous addresses and the names of people using the social security number.   We offer several Soc. Sec. Searches, from Experian, TU, Equifax, MetroNet and KCB Express Searches.   Social Security Searches can be use to locate customers whose accounts have gone domant for lack of use.   These searches can give you current information so you won't need to send the accounts to the state unclaimed accounts.

 Social Security Searches provide:
   Up-to-date consumer identifying information instantly
   New optional demographic information
   An enhanced ability to locate hard-to-find, skipped individuals
   Warnings of potential fraudulent activity associated with Social Security numbers
   Maiden, alias and misspelled names or names of consumers who have changed their identity
   Identifying information on different consumers associated with the same Social Security number

Authentications-Level One. This service is usually used to verify the identity of an individual when openning a new account or cashing a check on a non-customer.  However, it has a feature that provide the names and phone numbers of people living at the addresses listed on the request.  ($1.00)

  MetroNet is a suite of services to locate people and businesses.
  Residential Address Search (30¢)
  Social Security search (35¢)
  Best Address Search (25¢)
  Comprehensive Search  ($1.00)
  Electronic Directory Ass't.  (25¢)
  2 types of phone number searches  (25¢)
  Surname search by: Zip, City, Metro/radius and by state. (25¢)
  Neighbor Search  (50¢)

There are also a variety of Business Searches in the MetroNet suite of services.

KCB Express Credit Reports

Enhanced People Searches  includes Social Security number validation, the Death Master File verification, identification of high risk, vacant, commercial, mail drop and other types of addresses and a summary header of critical data such as Reported and Verified Matches. The Enhanced People Search checks millions of public records  ($1.00)

• Verify Express  Verify Express takes an input name, address and phone number and compares it instantaneously to a database of over 200 million residential and business listings. Verify Express has over 60 million unique records not available in other phone and address lookup databases.  (.40¢)

ID Verify
  To verify customer identity, the information provided by your customer will be compared to several data sources. ID Verify will also use these databases as a part of the ID verification and scoring algorithm. The Social Security Administration’s Death Master File is checked, SSN Validation is performed, the consumer’s address is validated, and the consumer is checked against the OFAC WatchList. This ID verification product also uses an easy to interpret score that ranges from 400 to 800. The closer the score is to 400, the more likely the risk of fraud. ($2.00)

Reverse Address Search results that include names, phone number, and any other available data associated with the address provided.  (40¢)

MB Address Search  ($2.00)  It's a simple, cost-effective way to get up-to-date information, so you can reach your accounts and debtors quickly. Address Update is an excellent alternative to a Social Search product in cases where the Social Security number is not available, but the consumer's name and address is known.

Trace Plus Detail provides phone numbers, possible relatives, neighbors, verified and previous address, properties owned. ($4.50)

• Super Phone Search gives you every phone and cellular directory available with a 90% success rate on direct matches. (25¢)

• Reverse Phone Search
Quickly conduct a reverse lookup find out who is behind a number with reserve phone searches that search multiple databases to return all matching individuals and businesses. Query a phone number and get results with a full name, address, and other available information, such as when phone was connected. (25¢)

Updated  10-17-13