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Red Flag Information

The following files will provide you with the latest information on the new Red Flag rules from the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the FACTA Act.

FTC rules on whether or not you need to comply with Red Flag regulations.
   (FTC How To Guide for Business - May 2013)

Red Flag Rule FAQ

Red Flag Rules  (mp3 audio  can be used with the Red Flag Rules Webinar)

Red Flag Rules (pdf file)

More on Red Flag Rules

FTC Red Flag Rules

Red Flag rules (from Lexis-Nexis)

The following files explain several products you can use as part of your Red Flag Program to identify Fraud and ID Theft.

Experian Authentication Services (pdf file)

Experian Authentication Services  (power point)

Authentication Codes 

Fraud Shield

Fraud Shield Score

Precise ID

Knowledge IQ

National Fraud Data Base

ID Risk Review