Tax Service

Lenders are generally holding loans in more states today than in any other time in history. The cumbersome responsibility of monitoring the complexities of tax collectors and borrower payment status is a daunting task which requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. All across America, potential borrowers are seeing a Tax Service fee as part of the closing costs on a loan estimate.

In today’s competitive world, lenders have increasingly sought after ways to reduce costs, improve productivity and substantially reduce risk. Tax Service products can remove the burden of monitoring borrowers property tax payments and processing correspondence with the borrower, as well as making sure the tax agencies are paid in a timely manner.

Tax services provide:

Delinquency tax tracking & reporting
*  Instant, individual confirmation
*  Compatibility with leading lender software

Additional Tax services:

*  Custom Reports to save time & money with regard to reconciliation
*  Notice Prior To ‘Cut-off’ Date- Know exactly when to start your tax audit
*  Portfolio Scrub
        *  Audits portfolio to insure tracking of applicable properties, verify parcel number accuracy, eliminate paid loans
        *  Saves you time, money and headaches
        *  Eliminate exposure & liability from tax sales
        *  Provides clean-up of entire portfolio
*  Audit/Reconciliation Assistance
        *  Reduce reconciliation time now and save labor costs
        *  Reduced balancing time
        *  Data review to ensure accuracy
        *  Personalized assistance reduces stress for you and your staff
*  Free Letter Service “Notice To Borrower”
        *  No cost service
        *  Stage sensitive notification process
        *  Customizable
        *  Formatted for your letterhead
*  Delinquency Notification Report
        *  Eliminates lender research
        *  No extraneous reporting
        *  Customizable content

Iron Clad Guarantee:
Our partner has a claim-free track record for over two decades. They guarantee their program and indemnify our clients. They are backed by one of the Nation’s best AAA-rated carriers.

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