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The  PROFILE SUMMARY:       (Keyword:   PSUM)

The Profile Summary provides 17 statistics from the public records and the trade lines.
 1.  The total number of public record items. 10.  Total of inquires made within last 6 months.
 2.  Total installment loan account balance owed. 11.  Total number of trade lines on the report.
 3.  Total real estate loan account balance owed. 12.  Total of accounts which have be paid  satisfactorily
 4.  Total revolving charge account balance owed.         or paid after having been previously delinquent.
 5.  Total dollar amount of past due payments owed. 13.  Total of all delinquency counters. (7 year summary)
 6.  The combined total of scheduled & estimated monthly payments. 14.  Total of accounts which are current or paid satisfactorily.
 7.  Total amount or real estate payments owed.  15.  Total of accounts which are now delinquent.
 8.  Total percentage of revolving credit still available. 16.  Total of accounts which were delinquent, now paid or current
 9.  Total number of inquiries. 17.  The date of the oldest trade line.


 PROFILE SUMMARY      pdf File