MetroNet provides access to comprehensive contact date on more than 140 million households and 19 million businesses.

You can search for the following information through MetroNet:
*     Names and Addresses
*     Change of address information
*     Telephone numbers
*     Current Name and Address associated with telephone numbers
*     Best known address for Social Security numbers
*     Neighbor names, addresses and telephone numbers for current addresses and former addresses
*     Other household members
*     Surnames
*     Business names and addresses
*     Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes or categories

MetroNet also offers three search options from Experian’s File One database:
*     File One Phones
*     Best address
*     Comprehensive search which uses the best of the File One database in conjunction with the MetroNet core database

MetroNet can be accessed in a batch mode, through user-friendly interactive interfaces and through Experian’s Collection Advantage service. The online and interactive access methods are Web, XML, mainframe and IP to IP.

MetroNet search options

Consumer searches:

*  Comprehensive – uses the best of the Experian File One database, in conjunction with the MetroNet database, to provide skip-tracing professionals with a dynamic, one-click search that identifies updated contact information
*  Address verify – input address (name optional) to return consumer listed currently at address with telephone number (if available)
*  Neighbor – input address to return up to 30 neighbor matches including name, address, and telephone number    (if available)
*  Surname – input surname (first initial, first name optional) and search by geographic region to return
up to 50 associated addresses and telephone numbers
*  Reverse phone number – Input telephone number to return name / address associated to input phone number
*  Social Security number – input SSN (name / address are optional) to return name, address and telephone number (if available)
*  Best address – input consumer name, last known address, and optional SSN to locate current address and phone
*  File One Phones – search Experian credit database which can return three phone numbers
*  EDA – used as secondary source to locate a telephone number for residential listings


MetroNet comprehensive search:
*     Best (current) address for consumer or change of address, if one is available
*     Address history for the consumer (maximum of 10)
*     Current occupant name and phone number (where available) at each of the consumer’s best (current) and prior addresses
*     Telephone numbers from credit and non-credit sources, including Electronic Directory Assistance
*     Social Security number (if available) for consumer
*     Notification of deceased Social Security number, if applicable
*     Social Security number deceased date, if applicable
*     Likely matching surname listings (potential relatives) within a 50 mile radius
*     Businesses with their telephone at the same address if a multi-family dwelling unit (may locate landlords, leasing agents, etc.)

Collection Advantage

*     Interactive version of Collection Advantage
        *Ability to screen scrape Collection Advantage results to MetroNet via eSolutions to continue searching


*      MetroNet via eSolutions
        *Ability to screen scrape MetroNet results to Collection Advantage interactive version to continue searching




Collection Advantage