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          Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring.  Experian offers 3 types of credit scoring:

        Fair Isaac:                                             Explanation of scoring     (go to the last question on this link)

        1.  Analyzes the performance of those sample credit histories over a 24 month period.
        2.  Converts the experience of credit grantors, collection agencies, public records, and inquiries found on
             consumer's Experian credit file into a numeric score that indicates future payment  behavior.
        3.  Uses those variables which most accurately predict credit performance as the basis for scorecard development.
        Experian/Fair, Isaac scores range from the high 300s to the mid 800s.  It is important to remember that, the higher
        the score, the better the risk.

         4.  Fair Isaac Risk Models are designed to represent several types of credit:
              A.   Base Model           (Keyword:   RM-F)
              B.   Bank card               (Keyword:   RM-K)
              C.   Auto Loan             (Keyword:   RM-V)
              D.   Personal Fin.         (Keyword:   RM-R)
              E.    Installment Loan   (Keyword:  RM-N)

 FAIR ISAAC MODEL       (pdf File)

    National Bankruptcy Model:  (Keyword:   RM-B)

        The Experian/MDS Bankruptcy Model - a powerful decision support tool - can help you
        avoid bankruptcy losses and increase your portfolio's profitability.

         By ranking your accounts across the spectrum of creditworthiness, the Experian/MDS
         Bankruptcy Model more clearly illuminates the risk associated with those accounts
         and helps you increase your confidence in credit decisions.

         This powerful, statistically valid risk model is easy to use and manage. Scores (ranging
         from a low of 51 to a high of 1,300) appear on the Experian Credit Profile report. The
         higher the score, the higher the bankruptcy risk.


    National Risk Model:       (Keyword:  RM-3)

        1.  Predicts the probability of seriously derogatory credit behavior, including charge-offs, repossessions,
              foreclosures, collections and bankruptcies.
        2.  Eight scorecards based on past credit profiles, including:  Amount of credit, Length of credit history,
             Past payment performance.
        3.  24 month performance period.
        4.  Scores ranges from 0 - 1000 (low score = low risk)
        5.  Optional score range of 360 -840 (high score = low risk) provides compatibility with existing scoring systems.
        6.  Up to four numeric score factors per score.
        7.  One score per Credit Profile report.

NATIONAL RISK MODEL       (pdf file)