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The Credit Profile Report is Experian's standard consumer credit report.

Your get current and previous addresses, other names the consumer may be using, employment (if it has been reported),
public records, trade lines of the creditors and collection agencies and inquiries.

The Experian Credit Profile has several unique features.

ï KOB.  The KOB code is the type of business or credit the trade line represents.
    Some of the most common are BB-bank, BI-bank installment, BC-bank credit card
    DC-Dept. store credit card, FM-finance company or credit union mortgage, YC-collection agency.

ï MAXIMUM. Maximum is the worst rating more than 2 years ago.

With PYMT STATUS, Experian tells you in words how they paid:
   Curr Acct,  or Delinq 180 or Curr was Delinq 30

ï PAYMENT HISTORY. Experian uses easy to under stand symbols.
  C - means Current, 1 - means one month delinquent, 2 - means two months delinquent.
  L - means Lose or P & L or charge off, H - means home forclosure, G - means gone (for collection agencies).

PYMT LEVEL - Payment Level lets you know when the status last changed. Date Opened, Date Closed are the
two most common dates.  Date the account went from delinquent to current or from current to delinquent will also
be indicated.

Experian offers two formats and we can sort the types of information.  If you wanted Public Records last or if you
want Open accounts listed first are two of the many options available.

CREDIT PROFILE    (pdf file)
FORMAT #1  (pdf file)

FORMAT #2     (pdf file)

FORMAT #3, also called the USA or HTML format  (pdf file)